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Solar powered aircraft model for the first time unveiled
2015-09-28 16:12:19

With the rapid development of civil aviation culture, a lot of friends love love aviation, aircraft into the civil aviation fancier. They like in the hands of the camera keep aircraft shadows of civil aviation photographer, like in the virtual world to control the aircraft flight simulation enthusiasts, more one part is used aircraft model machine model collectors. They understand the history of civil aviation, civil aviation culture from the aircraft model, in their own homes built their own aircraft hangar. Today let us pursue the history of the development of the machine model, the palm taste of the charm of the world.

The first real production aircraft model according to the proportion of the brand is the famous machine mould industry Herpa. The brand has a long history, was founded in 1949. In 1986 began to design production alloy model aircraft, the Germans rigorous attitude towards the production of the first small proportion of alloy aircraft model, and in 1987 in Nuremberg, Germany Lufthansa Airlines Boeing 737-300 aircraft naming ceremony on display, won for Lufthansa production limited model aircraft orders. In 1992 the official production of 1:500 ratio of the aircraft model, and in 1993 the official launch of the Nuremberg toy fair. Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific and other world-renowned airlines have been commissioned Herpa companies making the company used public memorial and flight sales limited aircraft model, due to limited production increased the difficulty and fun, a time Herpa aircraft model is internationally round of hype, very high appreciation potential of the collection.

In 1997, headquartered in Hong Kong Weilong (Dragon) found metal aircraft model of the broad market, and Japan's famous model manufacturers Hasegawa company co production of the fuselage for the alloy wing plastic a series of 1:400 aircraft model. Veyron in will be assembled model manufacturing experience of transplantation into aircraft model productions, according to the proportion of made detachable landing gear, when super fine Weilong machine model and gave all the lovers used new feelings, thus metal aircraft model community is divided into the 1:400 and 1:500 two camps.

After 2003, many manufacturers began to join the ranks of the aircraft model making them which 1:400 to GJ (GeminiJets) in the AC and AeroClassics, BB (big bird), as the representative of the brand launched a all metal aircraft model, especially GJ by virtue of excellent quality and good reputation to replace the Veyron 1:400 scale machine model to become the overlord. Herpa company in the same period of 1:500 aircraft model die for upgrading, further enrich the scale model, introduction of 1:200, 1:300, 1:400, 1:1000 and 1:2000 fine edition aircraft model. At the same time, the technical production models, make circumjacent product molding machine, such as airport terminal building, tower, hangars and other scenes, in the field of aircraft model has a irreplaceable role.

With the plane model of the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, some brand model left the sight of collectors, such as ET-X and bbox, nm, now have quickly become out of print. And join the new brand, in recent years, the star model magnates pH (Phoenix) has gradually on a 1:400 scale machine model beyond the GJ brand become collector's mind is good. Today's mainstream model brand has HP, PH, GJ, AC, JC, AV and other brands. For collectors, the aircraft model is more sophisticated, more and more valuable. I hope that the introduction of a new understanding of the aircraft model.

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