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Wireless remote control of miniature toy helicopter
2015-09-28 16:15:13

In October 23rd, a staff member of the Japanese Tomy toy company in Tokyo told people the company launched a miniature toy helicopter "Heli-Q".

This is said to be the world's smallest radio toy helicopter, 20 minutes after each charge can fly for 5 minutes. This helicopter toy will be put on the market in November.

October 23rd, Japan's well-known toy company Tomy (company), the company has demonstrated the world's smallest remote control helicopter toy, players can easily put it in the palm of your hand.

The name of the HeliQ remote control helicopter toy is a lithium battery charging operation, as long as the charge for 20 minutes, it will be able to fly for 5 minutes. It also has the appearance of a variety of color bright, through the transparent glass window, you can clearly see the inside of the cockpit sophisticated equipment.

More than the United States, the company plans to market in November this year, the price of 3465 yen (about 220 yuan).

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