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J-20 stealth fighter aircraft model being sought
2015-09-28 16:15:33

The 15, J-20 stealth fighter stealth aircraft model in the capital appeared yesterday. The reporter learned that, at present the new arrival of J-20 stealth fighter for the price of 680 yuan.

Reporters this morning in the worker's Stadium in a model shop see army die lovers eagerly awaited the j-20 fighter 15 aircraft model have been yesterday listed.

After the news, the Chinese aircraft carrier Varyag will for the sea trial, and aircraft carrier Varyag will be equipped with China's new stealth fighter, the j-20 fighter jet.

According to the store sales staff introduction, goods listed, the most sought after of the j-20 arrival was booked 10 aircraft, the first purchase of 20 f 20 have been sold 13. And to buy these two aircraft for the collection or gift.

The reporter understands, J-20 stealth fighter model and prototype ratio of 1: 60, 15 F ratio of 1: 48. At present the 15 price of 880 yuan, the price of 680 yuan J-20 stealth fighter.


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